Lawyers Connectingis a networking and professional growth organization providing opportunities for attorneys in private practice. We are a diverse collection of lawyers; some have substantially similar concentrations. We do not provide for category exclusivity; while we enjoy the diversity of our specializations, we know that practitioners in the same area can be an excellent source for ideas and back up. We have no experience requirements. New graduates as well as those in practice for decades have benefited from their experience with Lawyers Connecting™ . An annual subscription costs $ 600.

With two groups in the Chicago area, Lawyers Connectingis an invitation-only subscription organization. Each group meets at least monthly to explore and help each other with common issues. We also hold events periodically which bring both groups together. These monthly breakfast meetings include round-table discussions, presentations and mini-workshops led by members and non-member specialists. 

Lawyers Connecting(TM) began in the northern suburbs in October 2006. It was founded by Dan Felix , who continues to be an active member emeritus and valued resource. It is currently chaired and owned by Alan M. Levin, JD, MA, a lawyer who became a therapist, and who is committed to helping lawyers enhance both their professional and personal lives. Sharing facilitation duties is Executive Director Gayle Victor, a lawyer-turned-therapist. The leadership team is supported by a dedicated board of directors and enthusiastic partners.

Our North Shore group is going strong as it begins its sixth year.  It meets for breakfast on the second Thursday of each month in Highland Park.
Our  Chicago group meets for breakfast downtown on the second Tuesday of each month.

You are invited to a meeting to see if we are a match.
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