Our Leadership Team

Founder/Lifetime Member Emeritus, Daniel P. Felix, JD

is an attorney in private practice since 1984 with a passion around individual life satisfaction - business and personal - that drives a lawyer’s success and happiness.   His commitment to this organization is to create an environment in which information sharing and mutual cooperation can occur freely for the betterment of all participants.
Passionate, empathetic and focused, Dan is committed to helping individuals break through legal or self-imposed barriers to personal and professional success. He excels in positively impacting individuals through counseling, teaching, public speaking and goal-setting.
Dan is a trusted advisor, advocate, and confidante to many, having earned wide-scale recognition as a master connector of like-minded people. His versatility, vision and collective legal expertise merge to comprise The Felix Group, P.C., of which he is the Founder and Owner. Under this umbrella, Dan is The Professional Trustee™, The Executives Attorney ™, and the Founder and Facilitator of Lawyers Connecting ™.

Chairman, Alan M. Levin, JD, MA

is a lawyer who became a therapist. He is dedicated to helping lawyers grow and be successful both professionally and personally, and is a believer in and experienced facilitator of group process. Alan was an original lawyer-member of Lawyers ConnectingTM when it was founded by Dan. He spent over three decades practicing law, as an associate, partner, mentor, senior name partner, member of the executive committee and chair of the ethics committee of a respected mid-size Chicago firm. He also represented law firms. Alan concluded his legal career to obtain his master’s degree in social work from the University of Chicago, where he was trained in multiple modes of therapy and counseling. He works with men and women (individually, in couples and in groups) to help them alleviate many kinds of distress, and with lawyers and law firms to resolve relational challenges (both internal and external), enhance communications and improve personal interactions with clients. By combining legal and counseling training and experience, Alan and his colleagues are uniquely able to serve the therapeutic, consulting and psychoeducational needs of lawyers and law firms, as more fully described at their website, www.CareForLawyers.com. In the full spirit of “paying it forward”, Alan also works part-time as an outpatient therapist at a community mental health center, where he sees clients without regard to ability to pay. He is a member of both the Chicago Bar Association and of the National Association of Social Workers. (He has elected non-active license status as a lawyer.)

iExecutive Director, Gayle L. Victor, JD, MSW

is a lawyer and a therapist, and, along with Alan, a principal of CareForLawyers.com. She shares Dan’s and Alan’s commitment to harnessing the power of mutual sharing, cooperation and collaboration to improve the professional lives of every member of Lawyers ConnectingTM. Before becoming a therapist and facilitator, Gayle spent 25 years practicing law and working professionally in the legal community, including managing her family’s law firm, and for several years conducted legal search and recruiting part-time for major law firms and corporate law departments, consulting with them on matters of staffing, organization, and law firm culture. In addition to her professional degrees in law and social work, she is also a certified mediator. She is a member of the Chicago Bar Association and of the National Association of Social Workers.



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