For an attorney in private practice to remain in good standing with the organization, the lawyer must:

  • Demonstrate interest in learning, as well as sharing with and helping other lawyers;
  • Pay Dues promptly;
  • RSVP in a timely way to meeting invitations;
  • Attend meetings;
  • Demonstrate conduct consistent with the highest ethical and professional standard for lawyers as well as for networkers.

Aspirational Goals.  We’ve found other keys to successfully network and learn, and build community within the group. While not required, the following behaviors are strongly encouraged:

  • Miss no more than two of the 12 meetings;
  • Meet once a month with another member;
  • Present once a year to the group at large on a topic of interest;
  • Provide content to our website six times a year on your events, your practice and your report on what you learned at Lawyers Connecting™ meetings;
  • Provide one article a year for publication in the What’s Happening newspaper;
  • Introduce one lawyer a year to the benefits of Lawyers Connecting™


We do NOT provide for category exclusivity; while we enjoy the diversity of our specializations, we know that a practitioner in the same area can be our best source for ideas and back up.
We have NO experience requirements.   New graduates as well as those in practice 30 years have benefited from their experience with the group.

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