Lawyers Connectingand its founder Daniel P. Felix are honored to have earned the praises of present and past members as well as various other friends and supporters. 

Here’s what they’re saying about Dan Felix and Lawyers Connecting™:

Jenny Jeltes, Attorney, Law Offices of J. Jeltes, Ltd.

“.... As a solo practitioner who has just started my own law practice, I have found my membership in Lawyers Connecting to be extremely useful and beneficial to my business needs. Daniel leads this group with the utmost integrity and professionalism.....Through my membership in Lawyers Connecting, I have published an article, received new business and made useful and lasting connections with other members of the group. The group's success is attributable to Daniel's commitment to maintaining a thriving group of forward-thinking professionals.”  3/23/11

Lydia Kamerlink, principal, KAMERLINK, STARK, McCORMACK & POWERS, L.L.C. - “Dan Felix has created as fantastic environment for professionals to meet and explore networking ideas and goals. I have enjoyed working with Dan tremendously and look forward to working with him into the future.”  11/25/07

STEPHEN HOFFMAN, Independent Professional, Law Office of Stephen L. Hoffman LLC “Dan is a wonderful guy whose creative uses of marketing and networking make him unique in a saturated market. Lawyers Connecting and Dan Felix are a terrific way to merge marketing, networking and scholarship, and it is Dan's passion that brings it all home. I highly recommend Dan's work with Lawyers Connecting.”    5/28/10

LEON EDELSON,  Owner, Edelson IP Law Group, Ltd. “I have been a member of Dan’s Lawyers Connecting group the past few years. Dan does an outstanding job of planning, presenting, organizing and helping the group members. His efforts are tireless. He brings in speakers to speak on relevant and timely topics. He is receptive to new ideas and always desires to do what is best. In an age when just enough seems to rule, he takes the extra step. Thanks Dan!”  3/21/10

Robin Becker, owner, Solutions First Legal & Mediation Service, “Daniel is a great leader and an inspirational person.”   2/9/10

Peter Silvern,  Attorney, Law Offices of Peter T. Silvern

“It is a pleasure to recommend Dan both as a collaborator and as the center of influence. …. I have also had the pleasure to get to know Dan in his capacity as Executive Director of Lawyers Connecting. Dan's desire to bring solo attorneys and related professionals together has resulted in one of the richest exchanges of ideas among individual practitioners anywhere in the Chicago-land area. The organization's success is testament to Dan's networking prowess and insights.”  3/7/10

KEITH COLLINS, Attorney at Law, S. Keith Collins, Attorney at Law

“At its inception, I was in Dan Felix's original Lawyers Connecting. In 2009, I re-upped and am very pleased with how the group has evolved through Dan's leadership, and the difference being a part of it makes. Benefits for me include connecting with other professionals, getting their marketing feedback and having a diverse network for referrals and support.”  3/9/10

Marsha Marsh, , Consultant, Marsha Marsh Coaching, Inc.

“Dan lives the true meaning of a relationship builder. It is not just in what he does, but it is who he is at the core. There is an authenticity about him in how he supports people. It oooozes from him.”   10/10/08


Scott Schmaren, CH, CNLP, Owner, Mind Performance Training

“I have had the great opportunity to work with Dan several times on putting together programs that would benefit the members of his group, in all the areas of their lives. It is very obvious to me the passion and the genuine sense of caring Dan has for his members. I hope they realize how fortunate they are to have Dan in their corner.” 10/31/10


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Joy Feinberg, Divorce Lawyer, Feinberg & Barry, P.C.  “Dan is a visionary who has combined networking with education. I enjoy the monthly get togethers of Lawyers Connecting.”   2/27/10

MICHAEL G. STUART,  Owner, The Stuart Legacy Alliance, LLC“....I was one of the charter members of that group and have found it extremely beneficial to my practice. Not only did I meet a group of lawyers of all different disciplines, but it gave me a greater base of attorneys who I trust to whom to refer business outside my practice area. The format of the meetings allows each of us to “showcase” our practices, which allows each of us to get a little more in depth view of another attorney’s practice. This builds a stronger trust relationship with the members of the group and a greater confidence that the client referred will receive the best service. This not only benefits the attorney referred to but reflects well on our practice, and I think has enhanced our reputation in the community for being a resource for clients to turn to when they have a problem, whether we have expertise in that area or not. It is like having a larger practice with many practice areas, while still maintaining the integrity of a small practice. Dan is a well respected lawyer with exemplary integrity, …. He has done a wonderful job of connecting lawyers of various disciplines into a network of colleagues who not only refer business but educate each other about common issues of concern. I highly recommend both Dan Felix and Lawyers Connecting.”  12/1/07

Frederick S. Frankel, Lawyer, Frankel & Associates

“Dan has created in the Lawyer's Connecting group an excellent forum to allow attorneys to work together to build their practices and help facilitate communication between attorneys allowing growth in their respective fields of practice. Dan has always been and continues to be a source of guidance and information for me in my work.”  6/16/10

Alan M. Levin, JD, MA, former Senior Partner, Laner Muchin, now principal of, Evanston Therapy Group:

“Dan Felix is a creative, generous, respected and helping person who has enabled numerous fellow attorneys to establish and maintain valuable connections with each other by sharing information and making referrals.”  11/19/07

Jodi Eisenstadt, President and Employee Relations Attorney, Workplace Resolutions, Ltd.

“Dan has created a model group for lawyers seeking to grow their practices through an excellent combination of marketing and training sessions and shared best practices. Dan is constantly reflecting back on the model to ensure that it meets and even exceeds members' needs. I commend him for his effort and am grateful for all the wonderful lawyers I have met through participating in his group. Kudos!! And, thank you for your diligence and care.”  12/3/07

William Ensing, Ensing Law Firm, Ltd.

“Dan Felix is a great contact person. He works well and diligently to create the networking opportunities for those whom he counsels. I am pleased to recommend him to you.” 11/16/07

Arnnie Flank, President, Arnold M. Flank, Limited “....This group is a convenient way to meet other attorneys who practice in (its territories), and who have different areas of practice concentration, all of whom have the objective of broadening an awareness of their respective areas of concentration. (After attending only three or four meetings, I felt) that I have already made potential referral contacts who I would not have previously known. In addition, this group has provided several speakers who are not attorneys, but who have given numerous suggestions regarding ‘practice development’ which is a subject (1) that was not taught in law school when I attended law school, and (2) is becoming more and more necessary, especially in this economy and to "compete with" the younger lawyers, to whom ‘practice development’ especially over the Internet, is almost second nature.”    5/31/10




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