You will change your course from where you are today by the people you bring into your network and the ideas you adopt into your practice.

Opportunities to grow: Lawyers Connecting™ provides members the opportunity to work with like-minded lawyers to enhance business development, networking skills and their networks.  There is also the benefit of developing relationships with other members, who may become preferred referrers.

Your membership includes:

  • 12 monthly breakfast meetings where you can network, learn from outside and member speakers, and present; 
  • A robust website: you may post your profile (to enhance your web presence) and feature news about you and your practice, your events and your insights into law and practice development;
  • Private intra-group chat and postings that let you publish queries to and share opportunities with all members;
  • Discounted or free special networking and learning events;
  • Publication of your articles in the north-suburban “What’s Happening” newspaper, both online and in print;
  • Fabulous free and discounted professional support for your business from talented, non-attorney members of our board of directors.


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