Are you interested in:

Brainstorming around your practice with other exceptional attorneys?

Better balancing the demands of business and professionalism?

Discovering more trusted attorneys to make referrals to?

Receiving more referrals?

Polishing your networking and other people skills?

Refining your business plan and practice focus?

Enjoying your practice more?

Establishing new lasting relationships that are both professionally and personally rewarding?

Balancing professional and personal life?

Publishing your articles, and news about your practice?
If the answer to any of the above is “yes,” you may benefit from further due diligence:  experience one of our breakfast meetings without charge, and meet us to see if membership is for you.

We presently host two different locations in the Chicago area for attorneys in private practice.   Both are breakfast meetings, one in the Loop, the other in Highland Park.  

All meetings are different, varying, for example, by the type and number of speakers.  A typical format for a meeting is:
        Half hour: informal networking
        Half hour: Attendee introductions
        Quarter hour: Member & Group Announcements, Opportunities
        Three quarters hour: Single or multiple Presentations or   
                Round-table discussions
        Close of formal meeting and resume informal networking

Our annual membership rate is $600.
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