How Can I Create a Brand that Generates Business?

How Can I Create a Brand that Generates Business?

This month Lawyers Connecting invited the president of Local First Chicago Melissa Ryzy to come speak about professional marketing strategies for attorneys. In the current economic climate it has only grown more important for attorneys to determine what sets their practice apart from competitors. Melissa stressed the need for effective branding as the core of any marketing effort. Every lawyer needs something Melissa refers to as a “Unique Selling Proposition”. The USP is that particular mental image, skill, or personality trait that puts you in the front of the potential clients’ thoughts. The only true purpose of marketing is to purchase this piece of mental real estate. If your public presence fails to create a lasting impression, the time and money spent on advertising your practice has been for nothing.

So what are some strategies attorneys can employ to avoid wasting resources on ineffective marketing? Melissa says that the internet is one of the most powerful tools to showcase your brand. Upon hearing about a business or individual the most immediate response is to check for a website. Using simple graphics and a clear message on your homepage is one of the easiest ways to turn an individual into a client. A more active tactic is to get involved in public speaking events or to provide comments for newspaper articles. Both of these can reach thousands of individuals while establishing you as a legal authority. Referrals are just as important. Obviously you should establish a rapport with clients, but forging relationships with other professionals is just as necessary. Networking groups (like Lawyers Connecting) and mentoring younger lawyers are excellent ways to grow mutually beneficial relationships with other attorneys. Melissa also suggests co-branding your practice with compatible, but non-competitive professionals. Most importantly, take into account what kind of mental and emotional state clients are in when they start seeking your counsel. Relating to your clients on an emotional level can be just as vital as legal know how when it comes to establishing a USP. Identifying what makes your practice unique and effective not only creates a brand to market, but also helps you become a better attorney to your clients.

Nils Robbins recently graduated from The George Washington University with a double major in Political Science and International Affairs. He is currently looking to gain experience in a law firm with a strong commitment to client advocacy. He can by reached by phone at: 1-224-392-0897 or by email at

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